Olympic-proven and business-tested, the 3 PEAKS Leadership Philosophy is built upon Tom's three tenets for success:

  • Unwavering Trust:
    High levels of trust allow executives to take more risks, drive innovation, and promote collaboration aimed at the greater good. The organization must not only have the right talent, but also possess a no-fear confidence level.
  • Mutual Accountability:
    True mutual accountability means that each team member personally accepts responsibility for the success of the team and every team member.
  • Peak Personal Performance:
    Through one-on-one coaching, the 3 PEAKS model gives an executive the method and inspiration to affect immediate results, often in a way that is infectious within an organization. The executive partnered with the right coach will demonstrate more energy, conviction, a willingness to take on more stretch-assignments, and an increased ability to work effectively and lead others.
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About Us

"Winning takes practice and a great coach," Founding Partner and CEO Tom Seitz.

Founding Partner and CEO of 3 PEAKS Leadership Tom Seitz coached five Olympic teams to achieve the highest levels of success the USA had ever seen in two sports: kayaking and Nordic combined skiing. After more than 20 years of Olympic-level athletic coaching, Tom was eager to set his sights on another achievement - coaching top-level executives to achieve their greatest success. After founding 3 PEAKS Consulting, he has gone on to coach Fortune 100 executives through mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures valued at nearly $10 billion.

Tom has coached athletes to some of the "first ever" and "greatest ever" performances, and his executives and corresponding teams continue to experience unprecedented corporate success.

Tom has hand-picked a small staff of highly-qualified coaches to help continue his mission. Our clients are carefully matched with a seasoned, successful coach who craft practical solutions that will change the way companies think and behave, and how manage their staff. Coaches also stand in as unbiased sounding boards and behind-the-scenes ambassadors.

Working with 3 PEAKS Leadership, companies learn how to change their collective "muscle memory." Instead of doing things the way they've always been done, 3 PEAKS teaches a company's staff - through practice and ongoing coaching - to convert their new knowledge into habit and mastery, building a new muscle memory. Previously underperforming teams will emerge as superstars, as old habits disappear and dysfunctional behavior vanishes.

Our coaches act as confidential, unbiased, and unwavering sounding boards through which companies can comfortably discuss pressing issues and difficult challenges. Hindering blind spots will be identified by our coaches and tackled in a safe, team environment. Staff members will experience a diplomatic approach to building an ever-stronger foundation of trust, mutual accountability and achieve personal performance like never before.

Our process and coaches have a proven track record of guiding companies successfully through transition.