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How is 3 Peaks different from other executive coaching firms?

Our Founder, Tom Steitz, has vast experience working with CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies and also specializes in partnerships with the world's largest private equity firms. His unique approach covers all aspects of management consulting, which these private equity firms depend upon to achieve successful transitions. This method of leadership has proven to solve some of the most challenging business issues that corporations face.

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What is High Performance Leadership?

High Performance Leadership is the multiplier effect of an executive or team committed to hold one another accountable to the behaviors they expect from each other. It is the edge gained when every leader stretches their individual performance, providing the catalyst for the organization to raise expectations.

Grounded in trust created through mutual accountability, it comes from leaders accepting 100% responsibility for the success of every team member.  Improvement can be measured in the immediate, sustainable, and quantifiable results achieved by eliminating inefficiencies caused by broken or strained working relationships that require people to work around individual leaders.

High performance cascades down into every level of an organization as leaders motivate their teams to "walk the talk" in their daily activity.

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What is Team Coaching?

Team coaching ensures that a newly formed or existing team takes advantage of the opportunity to work from a strong foundation, as well as protect against derailment - especially for those teams operating in a matrix environment. The team will faster realize its potential from having a high level of trust, a greater tolerance of personal risk taking, a way to self-govern, an orientation toward the greater good of the team, accountability for each other's successes and failures, and a greater sense of affiliation and loyalty to the mission, team, and leader.

Our coaches conduct initial interviews and surveys with key team stakeholders to clearly outline the landscape and identify key issues and opportunities facing the team. This information will be used to create a unique, custom agenda. The team will then be led in an initial, high-impact workshop to create the foundation for High Performance. After three to nine months have passed, the coaches will conduct follow-up sessions to ensure that the team is still running smoothly and allow for the opportunity to address any issues or concerns that have arisen.

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What can I expect during a High Performance Team Leadership workshop?

Our programs build capability and independence, providing a sustainable framework of values that cascade down into every level of the organization. During the course of a typical workshop, your team members can be expected to undergo a structured feedback session that involves both group and individual discussion. Team experiential exercises will build trust, joint-decision making, and accountability. Participants will be given opportunities for self-assessment and problem solving.

We work with the leader and/or team to establish metrics to monitor and measure progress. And to prove that we're not all work and no play, team members will also be given a fun way to decompress.

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What situations would cause a leader to seek coaching for his/her team?

Executives encounter many of the same themes or challenges in very different environments. 3 PEAKS has made an impact in situations such as these:

  • CEO's overcoming the inertia of entrenched values when realigning their organizations to new strategies, markets, and economic conditions.
  • New executives creating a leadership framework so that their first 90 days sets the stage for enduring success.
  • Executives promoted from within to elevate their leadership while transitioning peer relationships to their new responsibilities.
  • Teams hampered by "broken" relationships that need guidance to resolve conflict productively while refocusing the team on their real mission.
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Can 3 PEAKS help with executive conflict on my team?

Conflict resolution may be what our clients appreciate the most from us. Often leaders are faced with the dilemma of a successful executive who just can't seem to work well with another team member; this can be paralyzing and extremely dysfunctional for a team. Our conflict resolution model and approach has solved both individual and cross-functional team conflicts at Fortune 100 companies that many had thought was impossible. Our model is easy for executives to adopt and internalize, and it is the internalization of our concepts and approach that makes us so successful in this area. We get involved and stay involved until we get it right. Ask us to share our success studies with you in a confidential setting.

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What is executive coaching?

Through a highly personalized relationship with a hands-on coach, executives can convert acquired knowledge into skilled mastery. One-on-one executive coaching is fundamentally a series of learning conversations, experiences, and evidence-based learning designed to work within the senior executive's current capabilities and to leverage their strengths to better achieve immediate and long term results. One of the most important values coaches provide executives is the process of holding them accountable.

Our top executive clients are already successful - let's face it, they wouldn't be where they are today if they weren't - so, our goal is simply to build upon the strengths they already have. The process typically starts with an in depth one-on-one session, in which the coach and the executive get to know each other and establish a basis of trust. After the initial session, our coaching is available whenever and wherever we are needed: 24/7, 365 days a year. We tailor our time to fit your schedule.

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What kind of results can I expect from coaching?

3 PEAKS will work with you to set clear goals at the outset, and through our work together each goal will be achieved. The results are dependent on the combined effort put into the coaching relationship. If you're willing, we've seen profound results on both individual and organizational levels.

Our clients consistently report an enhanced capacity to obtain results and increase work output within the first 90 days. As executives and team members continue to hone their leadership skills they can expect to experience the following:

  • Increased buy-in of mission and leader;
  • Ability to foster accountability within teams;
  • Ability to inspire others to be more effective as leaders, teams and managers;
  • Better ability to understand and impact peers and direct reports;
  • Increased effective conflict resolution;
  • Greater confidence in abilities;
  • Increased motivation;
  • Increased commitment to the organization's goals.

Our coaching programs build capability and independence, providing a sustainable framework of values that cascade down into every level of the organization. We develop winning coaches that lead their teams to achieve exceptional results.

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What can I expect to happen during an executive coaching session?

Meetings are conducted either in person, or over the phone. You can expect honest feedback, clarifying questions, support and challenges in a strictly confidential environment. In order for coaching to work well, we provide a space to speak candidly with you about your successes, frustrations, mistakes and possibilities. In your program we may use various and well-accepted assessment tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, the CPI 260®, FIRO-B®, the Leader Versatility Index®, or we may utilize professionally delivered psychological assessments through our staff of PhD's tailored to fit your individual situation. We will often shadow you at meetings or presentations to observe your performance and give you confidential feedback.

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How can executive or team coaching help our organization?

3 PEAKS Leadership coaching improves communication, trust, accountability, and performance. Executives and teams alike are pushed to stretch themselves to reach higher goals and maximize potential. Each individual learns new skills during the process, and can then integrate these skills into interactions with employees, colleagues, and clients. 3 PEAKS coaching supports effective change by establishing a continuity of values and goals, and motivating individuals to contribute 100% to their own and their company's successes. Our Team coaching drives mutual accountability and establishes metrics to measure and monitor individuals along with the team's commitment.

Our coaching programs build capability and independence, providing a sustainable framework of values that cascade down into every level of the organization. We develop winning coaches that lead their teams to achieve exceptional results.

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What makes 3 PEAKS Coaches so unique?

Our executive coaches are there whenever and wherever you need them, even after your first coaching session. We will tailor our time to fit your schedule, 24/7 and 365 days a year. Our team coaches are also brilliant with follow-through, checking on your team's progress a few times in the months after the workshop.

Our coaches are carefully selected based on:

  • Coaching skills proven in Gold medal winning Olympic teams backed up by years of the latest behavioral research.
  • Real life operational experience driving success in Fortune 500, start-up, and turn-around companies across a variety of industries.
  • Experience in applying the latest research and assessments tools to identify barriers to success and to interpret information to develop customized human performance processes.

Most importantly, our coaches measure success the same way you do; in sustainable revenue and profit growth, improved quality and customer satisfaction and a pipeline of leadership talent that is prepared to capture the opportunities and prevail over the challenges of the future.


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