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John Anderson, Ph.D.

Dr. Anderson brings a wealth of practical "hands on" experience in executive coaching and leadership development to 3 PEAKS. Having a PhD in counseling psychology combined with his extensive background developing and delivering leadership programs, Dr. Anderson is a unique mix of the practical and theoretical. At 3 PEAKS, Dr. Anderson is responsible for designing and developing executive assessment programs as well as what is one of the most successful and respected programs for "High Potentials" in the corporate world today. Clients love Dr. Anderson's straightforward approach. His ability to put theory into practice is one of his talents that have made him so successful.

He has worked with 3 PEAKS founder, Tom Steitz, as the primary sports psychologist for Olympic athletes and their coaches throughout seven Olympic Games. He is a published author and a tenured professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy (Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership).