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Dawn Curlee - Partner, Consulting and Client Licensing

Dawn Curlee has been providing high performance coaching services to
corporations, executives, teams and leaders for seventeen years. Her experience
ranges from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Dawn has proven her capability of driving high performance from teams and individuals and of helping executives deliver at new and improved levels of performance.

In addition to her roles as a high performance executive and team coach, Dawn is responsible for the enablement of clients through the acquisition of the 3 Peaks Intellectual Property. She has developed the associated curriculum for the training of client personnel such that clients are in a position to build a corporate culture based upon a foundation of 3 Peaks High Performance principles and behaviors.

After graduating from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis in Computer Science, Dawn began her career with Andersen Consulting (Accenture) in Kansas City.

For the following ten years, Dawn specialized in the strategy and development
of software applications for the telecommunications industry. She left
Andersen Consulting as an Associate Partner who was recognized for her
telecommunications industry expertise and for her strong leadership skills.

As the Senior Vice President of Global Technology Solutions for Level 3
Communications in Broomfield, CO, Dawn was responsible for building the
Information Technology group into an organization of over 500 employees and
consultants on three continents.

After Level 3, Dawn refocused her career aspirations towards helping individuals and teams achieve high performance. For the past fifteen years, she has worked with executives across the globe on engagements ranging from professional effectiveness coaching to cultural transformation initiatives. Dawn lead a significant cultural transformation engagement at a Fortune 500 company which included coaching of the executive team, as well as the curriculum development and training of internal employees who rolled the program out across the entire company of 15,000 employees.

In the second year of a 3 Peaks consulting engagement at Tendril Networks,
Dawn was invited to join the executive team as the VP of Human Capital. In this capacity, she had the opportunity to affect culture and leadership change from within the organization. She additionally gained significant experience with all of the legal and administrative aspects of the HR discipline.

Dawn is one of 3 Peaks most sought after and successful consultants.