Team of executives locking hands
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Team Coaching

As management consultants, we have evolved into experts in the highly specialized private equity and venture backed company environments. In today's competitive world, senior teams must be well-aligned, collaborative bodies to deliver superior performance. The 3 PEAKS High Performance Leadership Program is designed to accelerate leadership teams right out of the gate - with proven success. Our program teaches team members how to form a new foundation from which they can expect to see measurable, immediate improvement. Through this new foundation team members will possess:

  • a high level of trust with each other;
  • a greater tolerance of personal risk taking;
  • accountability for each other's successes and failures;
  • a way to self-govern;
  • a greater sense of affiliation and loyalty to their mission, team, and leader;
  • a commitment to organizational results as a team.

Each High Performance Leadership Program is individually designed to help new or existing leaders create a "clean slate," reenergize a stalled group, or rescue a team mired in conflict. Our methodology includes:

  1. Interviews with key team stakeholders and surveys to identify key issues and opportunities facing the team.
  2. Relationship mapping metrics that allow the team to measure progress, quantify key factors such as trust, fear of conflict, commitment, avoidance of accountability, and inattention to results.
  3. Creating commitment and accountability to a personalized code of leadership, strengthening loyalty to the mission, team, and leader.
  4. Identifying key relationships that are damaged or broken, providing a framework that ensures the entire team takes personal responsibility for each relationship, and preventing anyone from dismissing bad behavior or working around individual leaders.
  5. Establishing sustainable accountability to the team through follow-up sessions that motivate each member to "walk the talk."
  6. Focused conflict resolution to provide additional support for issues as they arise.