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Technology & Communications


  • Egypt Ministry of Information
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • US DoD, Commanding Generals


  • AIG
  • Bain Capital
  • Bankrate
  • eTrade
  • Host Hotels
  • Jackson Hewitt
  • Prudential
  • TPG (PE)
  • Securian Financial
  • Silverlake (PE)
  • Sterling Partners
  • Travel Guard
  • USAA


Consumer Services & Products

  • American Skiing Company
  • Coors
  • Darden Restaurants
  • eBay
  • Friendly's Restaurants
  • General Electric
  • General Motors
  • Optimer Brands / Sterling Partners
  • Navistar
  • Sears
  • Whirlpool


  • Johnson & Johnson
  • KCI
  • Power Medical Interventions



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Our Track Record 


Ross Pellizzari - President, Canada

 “3 PEAKS Leadership’s methodology for high performance, along with their expert coaches, is instrumental in accelerating the traditional “forming, storming, norming and performing” stages that all newly formed teams must experience. The 3 PEAKS Team leads with professional instruction and facilitation and what we have accomplished in five months would take years for most leadership teams. Our leadership team now has a greater trust in each other which allows us to communicate and collaborate with one another more effectively. We are learning how to hold each other accountable to our individual and team commitments along with learning to leverage each other’s strengths. As a result, our business is attaining double-digit, quarter over quarter growth and we are on track to becoming the high performance leadership team that we committed to be!” 

Optimer Brands / Sterling Partners  

Bob Moran - Chief Administration Officer                                     

"The 3 PEAKS team proved to be an incredible resource during a time of tremendous change and growth at Optimer Brands / Sterling Partners. The 3 PEAKS process and methodology solidified a new team of executives and assisted us in identifying, and more importantly, addressing the key barriers to success. The result was increased revenue, employee engagement and retention of key talent." 

Orbitz Worldwide

Mitch Truwit - Former President & CEO

“The team at Orbitz was a solid team performing and so I was a bit skeptical about the incremental value of a performance coach. But with it, we became much closer, raised our levels of trust and accountability and went from good to great. We more than doubled the growth rate of our next closest competitor.”  

AIG - Accident & Health Division

Joseph Puzzo - SVP

"The 3 PEAKS High Performance Workshop proved to be a fantastic experience for our leadership team. Though we have all worked together for years we interacted with each other more on an individual basis. It was a positive surprise that through the program we were able to create a higher level of trust amongst ourselves. 3 PEAKS helped us find the courage to openly discuss our differences and set them aside so that we could all focus on moving our team to a new sense of union so that we could better move our business forward. We now have a strong sense of responsibility for each other.” 

Ross University / DeVry Inc.

Allison Boucher-Jarvis - VP Human Resources

“We’ve had a tremendous experience working with 3 PEAKS Leadership, because they are committed to our success. The initial workshop was an intensive and valuable foundation-building exercise, but what I think sets 3 PEAKS apart from other consultants is how they’ve stayed engaged long after the first workshop. The coaches are here for us, helping us get through the real issues, in real time.”  

Avaya Inc.

Pamela Craven - CAO

"After completing 3 PEAKS' High Performance Leadership Program my senior leadership team works together much more cohesively and collaboratively. They are decidedly more willing to hold each other to their commitments and have far less tolerance for lack of clarity and indecision. They are also more willing to step in to help each other out, even if it's outside their area of expertise. And best of all, the 3 PEAKS approach has taught them about the importance of building relationships with each other as a way to better enjoy themselves at work and to improve the engagement of their teams."

Javelin Marketing (an Omnicom Group company)

Ellie Mitchell - SVP & GM

“After our first High Performance Workshop, our executive team raved about the experience. We unanimously agreed it was the best professional experience we had ever been through. We are looking forward to more 'heavy lifting' with 3 PEAKS in the year ahead.”  

Seagate Consumer Solutions

Brian Dexheimer - President

“I found 3 PEAKS to be an incredibly effective way to draw a senior team together in a short amount of time. 3 PEAKS has a proven, yet flexible, methodology to build and improve key senior relationships which leads to increased personal and team accountability and levels of trust. The methodology also creates an important new vocabulary and expectations for interaction that increases the effectiveness of the team as whole.” 


Trip Davis - Co-founder & Chairman

“We recently did a High Performance Leadership workshop with 3 PEAKS for our top 12 people at TRX, and it was transformational. I was really attracted to Tom's notions of Olympic Gold Medal coaching and team accountability in a business context, and that's what we got.”

Sun Microsystems

Steve Wendt - Sr. Director

“Tom and his 3 PEAKS team were extremely effective in guiding our team of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experience. They established credibility quickly and brought the team into alignment with commitments to improve communication and increase accountability for performance. The 3 Peaks method is straight forward and has a unique approach that leads executives to internalize concepts and behaviors that are required to create a high performing team.”


Ken Esterow - President

“As CEO of a Global Travel business with $1.5 B in bookings from around the world, I work with a culturally diverse senior team. I found working with Tom and the team at 3 PEAKS to be an incredible tool to bridge barriers, drive accountability and create trust.  3 PEAKS Leadership brings the added credibility of having coached Olympic champions and they translate that experience into practical techniques that really drive world-class management teams.”

Storage Tek

Pat Martin - Former CEO

“The process and coaching greatly helped create an executive management group that worked more closely as a team, knitted tightly together by a strong bond of trust. It all increased and opened up communication which kept the company's momentum moving in the right direction.”

Charles Schwab

David Pottruck - Former CEO

“In today's world, good is not good enough. The coaching the team received through the Performance Workshops was among the best and helped lift marketplace performance from good to great.” 

Marymount College

Michael Brophy - President

“As president of an educational institution I was somewhat skeptical about the effectiveness of a business-oriented, High Performance coach in the academic world. However, the 3 PEAKS methodology and program were absolutely a fit for our team and culture. Our leadership team at the college was able to improve communication and drive new levels of accountability into the way our team operates. We took a very big step forward in our work with 3 PEAKS in becoming a higher performing team.”

Seagate Technology

E.J. Meier - Sr. Director

“Seagate is always on the lookout for ways to improve our executives and their teams. 3 PEAKS is unique in their ability to drive accountability and build effective working relationship very quickly in a way most senior executives can relate to. The real key to achieving results in this area is gaining buy in and committed by the executives. 3 PEAKS does that better than anyone else I have experienced.”


JoAnne Kruse - EVP HR

“Working with 3 PEAKS provided a unique opportunity to reinvigorate the executive team while addressing head-on, some of our greatest challenges. They were particularly effective at teaching our senior executives to internalize learnings and concepts, without anyone having to adopt a new model. Tom's ability to connect with executives and create an environment of acceptance, while building each executive's willingness to take on this sort of work, is part of what makes the 3 PEAKS approach so effective. In fact, many executives have commented on remembering the "stories" for years after the initial session. 

For the HR professional looking to find an effective program for aligning and focusing their tough and critical team, I highly recommend 3 PEAKS.”

U.S. Olympic Committee

Dr. Jay T. Kearney

“Tom’s ability to build and create team work and develop leadership in difficult situations is something that is unique and very powerful. This is the reason for his unprecedented success as a coach”